Friday, December 14, 2001

Wow, has it really been this long? I guess so. So why haven't I updated? *shrug* I'm single still. Been on about 3 dates since the last time I wrote here. Yeah, three dates. Not impressed? Me neither. Maybe it was those 3 dates that convinced me to stay out of the dating pool for awhile.

Oh, and what happened with Bunny? Well, that is a very sad story. To pick up where I left off, I we never did have a second date. She ended up blowing me off. Something about she was still hung up on her ex-boyfriend. Yeah, okay. I don't believe it. It amazes me how some people can lie, lie, lie. Here she was telling me that she had a great time on our date, that I was so handsome and reminded her of Noah Wiley from ER, blah, blah, blah. Oh, and let's not forget that she told me that she was sick of dating guys who were mean and controlling and she was really looking for a nice guy. I was that nice guy. So instead, she went back to her ex who was mean and abusive to her. I just don't get it.

So what about the other dates? Total flops. On girl was too obsessed with the BMW her parents just bought her and the other was much older than me and we didn't have anything in common. Too bad, because she was a really nice women.

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Okay, I need to back track here so that we can catch up. First of all, I majorly jumped the gun when I mentioned in my last post that I thought Bunny was blowing me off. I was wrong. Very wrong. That was basically me being lame and insecure. Yeah, I can admit that.

So, we planned the date and it went down Friday night. We decided to meet at a mall near her house. Where in the mall did we meet? Victoria's Secret. Yes, she seems to be a girl after my own heart. I got there before her and was standing outside of VS when it suddenly occured to me that I looked like some kind of pervert, so I moved to stand in front of the store across from it. Nervous as hell, I am sure it seemed pretty damn obvious to everyone passing by that I was probably waiting for someone. You know, pacing back and forth, hands figgiting with everything. And then it happened rather quickly. It seemed that she just jumped out of nowhere. Whoa, she was pretty in her pictures, but in person, she is an absolute knockout. I was stunned. And of course, this made me even more nervous because sheing how beautiful she was made me feel like an ugly dork that she wouldn't be seen dead with. But she was willing to be seen with me and even told me that I was handsome. But aside from looks, she is also a wonderful person to talk to and spend time with. I swear we could talk about anything. And for hours!

We ventured out of the mall and as to her suggestion, we went and played miniture golf. It was a blast. Slowly by slowly I began to ease up some. To tell you the truth, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I hope it didn't make her nervous. I'm not even sure she realized it.

The night flew by way too quickly and before I knew it, we were parting ways. But nothing with deciding that we would like to see each other again.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, August 19, 2001

Meeting women on the Internet increases the chances of "getting blown off" ten fold. Think about it. It is so easy. Yeah, well I am saying this because I wonder if Bunny is blowing me off. She said yesterday that we would talk today and here it is, and no word from her yet. Another example. I will call her GhostGirl. I saw a personal online from a woman in my area who shares my interest in the paranormal. I wrote to her explaining my history of it and even if she wasn't looking for a relationship, it would be nice to have someone around that I could share this interest with and go do some ghost hunting with. She replied--very enthusiastically--and said that maybe we could exchange pictures or something, and share stories with one another. Well, I emailed her back with two pictures of myself as well as some links to some ghost pictures and videos I had taken. Well, no word from her either.

I am beginning to think that a bar is a better place to meet a woman.
I have an idea that would make meeting people and dating much easier. Say you are out somewhere. Anywhere. Let's say it is a bookstore. An attractive woman is eyeing you over the top of her issue of Allure. You think about going over to talk to her, but you hesitate. Why? Because although she may be attractive, she could also be a lunatic, or just simply someone you're not interested in intellectually. How do you solve this problem? D.I.C. (Dating Information Cards). You walk over, she presents you with her card that lists pretty much anything that the first initial small talk would that wouldn't work. Besides, there are web sites like MatchMaker that do a similar kind of thing.

Hey, what do you want? It is almost 4:00 in the morning. Gimme a break.

Saturday, August 18, 2001

A few days ago I met this woman named Bunny. Okay, well that isn't her real name, but you know. Where did I meet her? Well, online of course. I mean, where else do you meet people now-a-days?

So anyway, Bunny is sexy, flirty and interested in getting together sometime soon. We chatted about taking a ride up into the mountains in the autumn, which incidently is our favorite season. We exchanged pictures and she kept referring to me as handsome. Sounds pretty good, huh? Well then why am I so nervous that I am not going to be what she expects? What if I meet her for the first time and when she sees me there is this brief moment of disappointment on her face? Yeah, I know I am being stupid. You don't have to tell me.

Earlier tonight I was on AIM and she popped in to say hi, but that she was going out tonight and couldn't really chat. I asked her if she was doing anything fun, and she just said, "I hope so." Makes me wonder if she was going on a date. Not that it would bother me. I mean, we have never even gone on a date ourselves, so why would it?

I'm a little different, though. Believe it ot not, I am a one woman kind of guy. I very rarely, if at all, date more than one woman at a time. It keeps things simple. I have fears of being ona date and calling the woman I am with the wrong name.

So...the saga on Bunny will be continued. Hopefully we will finally get that date in soon.
Hi! I'm the single guy. What I plan for this blog is a recount of my life as being single. But more than that, what I am in search of is my match in life. There were times when I thought that I had really found that match, but a little time proved otherwise. Most recently with someone that I still care for very much, but I just know things are never going to work. Too much damage has been done. The trust is gone. And when that is gone, what is left? Pretty much nothing.

So I will move onward, in search of the woman who is right for me.